Company Katfer supplies and sells handheld XRF analyzers and industrial scrap metal recycling equipment.


The tool is designed for quick and precise analysis of alloy compositions. Easy to use and doesn’t require special knowledge to start the process. Capable to analyze a wide range of elements (from Mg to U). A mobile device that allows you to perform analysis anywhere you need: work in the shops of the industrial enterprises or during field work. The unique tool is ideal for both mining exploration and for environmental purposes (when verifying the safety of consumers products). Durable material and high-quality construction keeps the device safe from moist and dust. Made in US.

Main features and benefits:

  • The average time required for one analysis is 10 seconds.
  • It has the smallest rate of analytical measurement error (accuracy is 99.7%) among every existing tool of this kind.
  • A powerful battery with a non-stop period of use ranging from 6 to 12 hours.
  • Color display, fixed at an angle; the icons are readable even during the daylight and bright sun.
  • Touch-screen display, a possibility to remotely operate the device from PC using voice commands.
  • Integrated USB communication, which allows to transfer the results of measurements to PC and print certificates if necessary.
  • Integrated camera for automatic location of the best possible spot for analysis.
  • Light weight (1.5 kg, or 3.3 lbs), ergonomic design.
  • The reports can be kept in the inner memory of the tool (approximate memory capacity is up to 3,000 results). Data protected from editing.
  • The analytical ability range is up to 24 elements, including the possibility to add non-standard elements in the library.
  • Incorporates multi-language options.

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