Company Katfer supplies and sells handheld XRF analyzers and industrial scrap metal recycling equipment.

Niton XL3t GOLDD

An improved version of a standard analyzer, which ensures better and faster measurement of the surfaces. The model shows high efficiency if compared with the analogues. Allows users to work with metals and the samples of different composition: soils, geological objects, plastic and other items. The device is convenient to use during field work and for performing an analysis in a workshop. The tube is sealed against moist and other elements.

Main features and benefits:

  • Simultaneous analysis of several dozens of chemical elements – from Mg to U.
  • Additional built-in function, which allows to identify the presence of light elements (Si, Al, P, S).
  • The camera of the device ensures a precise choice of the analyzed area with the possibility to select the zone for the measurement.
  • Small Spot collimator, which allows to limit the diameter of the analyzed spot (the minimal area equals to 3 mm).
  • A possibility to change settings for ensuring better accuracy and sensibility of the device (both manually and automatically).
  • Ergonomic design, light weight. Convenient to use.
  • An improved tube ensures the minimal gap between the tool and the analyzed surface.
  • Adjustable color screen with a possibility to change its angle.
  • The results are readable even when working in the sunny weather or in daylight.
  • The tube voltage reaches up to 50 kV, which is significantly higher than any model with alike characteristics can offer. Currently, it’s the most powerful tube on the market of handheld analyzers.

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