Company Katfer supplies and sells handheld XRF analyzers and industrial scrap metal recycling equipment.

Niton XL3t

Mobile and lightweight tool, which allows to perform a precise analysis of samples with different structure: metals, alloys, powder samples, chips, etc. Doesn’t require specific knowledge or training before usage. Durable and solid tube is protected from damages, dust, dirt and moist. High accuracy and quick result. Use it anywhere you want: the device shows high efficiency both inside and outside (even in unpleasant weather conditions).

Main features and benefits:

  • Analytical range is up to 29 chemical elements at same time: from Mg to U.
  • The longest time required for analysis is 10-12 seconds; in most cases, the device needs only 3-5 seconds for precise analysis of the composition.
  • A large library of alloys is added to the internal memory of the device. Upon desire, it can be expanded manually by the user.
  • Detail reports without errors and overloads.
  • Adjustable color screen with a possibility to change its angle.
  • The brightness of a display allows to effectively work even under the sun.
  • Integrated video camera that gives a possibility to see the area of analysis before beginning measurements.
  • A powerful battery that ensures up to 12 hours of non-stop work without changing.
  • A possibility to remotely operate the tool, connection with PC or portable printer via Bluetooth (for printing the certificates and reports on site).
  • The surface to be analyzed doesn’t require any preparations; the user can perform analysis immediately after switching the tool on.
  • Additional functions allowing to perform the analysis of different kinds of samples: rocks, films, plastic elements, electronic items, and even precious metals.

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