Company Katfer supplies and sells handheld XRF analyzers and industrial scrap metal recycling equipment.

Test stands DTS

Test stands DTS are used for portable analyzers of the following models: Niton XL3t and Niton XL2. The use of a test stand allows to get a better and more accurate result, ensure the safety of operator’s health, and to prolong the service life of the analyzer itself. A more convenient process of work and high quality of results can be reached when using the test stand. The main spheres of use are: small samples and bulk (granular) materials, such as soil, ores, small electronic products, jewelry, crushed ceramics.

Main features:

  • Weight of the device is 9 kg (19.9 lbs).
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 25 x 39 cm (12 x 9.85 x 15.35 inches).
  • Can be connected to your PC via USB-cable (one end of the cable is connected to the port of the analyzer, another – to the PC).
  • The device is fully operated from PC.
  • The stand is equipped with safety sensors, which allow to determine if the device is ready to start working.
  • Automatic stop of work if the device is wrongly used.

Installation and safety precautions:

  • Before connecting the device with your PC, make sure that it is standing on a stable surface (it’s not recommended to place the device close to the edge of the table).
  • The analyzer is fully fixed on both sides when you hear a clicking sound.
  • Now, the test stand can be connected to PC.
  • Start analysis only if you see the signals of sensors (it means that the lid is closed).
  • If opening the lid, the device stops working automatically.
  • Before working with sharp samples, make sure that they won’t damage the measuring window of the analyzer.